The boys tell themselves that “maybe there is a beast…” but then they think “…maybe it’s only us.” This is showing us as audience, that they boys are slowly losing control of their fear and their minds. We also see their fear is taking over their brain and leading them to more terrible acts that […]

Jack- In the the novel ‘The Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding, there are numerous characters that represent different parts of the civilization; for example Ralph and Piggy represents law and order, Simon represents humanity and kindness and Jack represents evil and violence, the dark side of human nature. A former choirmaster and “head boy” […]

 A Series of Unfortunate Events – By Lemony Snicket    ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ by Lemony Snicket, is a series of books is about these three children Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. When their parent’s ‘perish in a terrible fire’ and they are left with nothing but an enormous fortune that the siblings that can not but used […]

Ralph- Right from the beginning of the novel, Ralph shows this leadership when he said “We’re having a meeting.”  When he said this all the boys (from ‘his’ choir) kept quiet and lined up. Even before he was elected the boys showed Ralph a lot of respect already.   When Ralph said “Seems to me […]

Camp Waiora Scout camp. Day and night The warmth of the sun above me warms my face, the grass runs through my toes like silk. A small breeze blows past me and fresh pine fills my lungs. All around me pine trees stand twenty stories tall. Birds tweeting surrounds me. A flock of birds soar […]

All hopes was lost, after the Themes finally ran dry. Now that the citizens ignored the warnings signs all hope was lost. Before all hope was lost, the citizens ignored the warning signs  If all hope was lost the citizens would ignore the warning signs  Since all hope was lost the citizens ignored the warning […]

Beyond the small blue car, there is a tall grey building towering over everyone, with flags blowing in the wind. Behind the small blue car the is a small boy, with long black trousers and jacket, and a small blue cap. Beside the small boy there is a small orange dog with a red collar, […]