Spoken communication is like handwriting you can modify it to sound completely different; like you might usually say ‘pasta’ but you train your voice, your brain to say ‘paasta’ or you might usually say ‘grass’ but you train you brain and voice to say ‘graass’. You can train your voice and you brain to say […]

See how in my spoken transcript my dad says instead of saying ‘come on girls’ he says ‘come on grils’ he has that word that we know him by. See how in my spoken transcript again how my step sister says ‘Mk’ instead of just ‘K’ she uses that word that i know her by […]

Everyone communicates differently, I think as we go on this topic of interest we will realise that overtime we have developed our language but what we don’t realise that we communicate completely differently. We might say the same words, saying and other things that are similar to each other, but what all have different communicating […]

This transcript is of myself and my family having an ordinary conversation and the dinner table, about numerous subjects. Everything in bold is the insignificant words. Me- I can not taste the difference between cola and pepsi Step Sister – There’s so much difference Me – Let me taste…. mm there is a bit of difference but […]

This is a convocation between myself and a friend Friend – Sup bruh Me – Hey. Wud Friend – Just chilling in English class Me – What r u studying Friend – What are you doing after school?? Nothing atm Me – Nothing wbu Friend – Ahh I’ve got chiro and then futsal at 6 […]

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