Conversation Essay

Spoken communication is like handwriting you can modify it to sound completely different; like you might usually say ‘pasta’ but you train your voice, your brain to say ‘paasta’ or you might usually say ‘grass’ but you train you brain and voice to say ‘graass’. You can train your voice and you brain to say all these different words to make yourself sound like something else. Actors have to do this all the time, they have to nail all these different accents, they have to train there brain to say these words that they don’t say naturally.


Habits are normal everyone in the entire world has at least three habits, and we have habits in communicating as well; like my sister she says ‘Mk’ instead of ‘OK’ or ‘k’. My dad says says ‘grils’ instead of ‘girls’. We all have habits that make us unique and special; I have a habit  that depending o my surroundings I unintentionally how I say words and how I speak.


I am 100% sure that my hypothesis is correct we all have these habits that we unintentionally can’t help but show. These habits that you can’t help but show aren’t a bad thing these habits make us special.

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