Gothic Setting


  • Geneva
    Mary Shelly describes scenes surrounding the Swiss house is as “majestic and wonderous”, and that the mountains are sublime shapes, and the sea is tempest and calm, this tells us that the Geneva house has a lot of contrasting qualities but also very similar qualities; for example, Shelly says that the surroundings of the Swiss house are majestic and wonderous which tells me (personally) that the surroundings are ‘grand’ and telling me that the surroundings are very open like a big field or really big woods. Shelly also says that the sea is ‘tempest and calm’, which is very very contrasting verbs, tempest meaning rough, and calm meaning relaxed, which tells me what Shelly thinks of the sea when she says this (personally) I think she says the sea, although the sea may look calm on the surface it could be wild and tempest under the surface.
  • The Swiss Alps

“But it was augmented and rendered sublime by the mighty Alps, whose white and shining pyramids and domes towered above all, as belonging to another earth, the habitations of another race of beings.”


Shelly describe the Swiss Alps very grandly, she describes them as very ‘mighty’ and big as Shelly says they are ‘domes towered above all’. She also talks about how they belong ‘to another earth’ which tells us that she wants us to think they are grand and beautiful, but also the way she says it the reader could also interpret that the Alps could be scary when it says ‘mighty Alps’ she could mean that we should be scared of these mighty Alps, when Shelly says that they are from another world she could mean it negatively. it all depends how the reader interprets the text.


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