1. Make a list of German Expression Filmmaking Techniques that have been linked with Gothic Horror;
  • Minse-en-scene
  • chiaroscuro
  • Ornate
  • Monochromatic
  1. One particular technique, chiaroscuro is particularly memorable in Sweeny Todd attic room. What key features of this setting that develop chiaroscuro?

In all corners of the attic room, you will see the corners are a lot darker than the parts of the attic where the widow shines.

  1. Think about the same technique, chiaroscuro, and its presence in Sleepy Hollows. Can you describe a setting?

A setting in Sleepy Hollows is the setting in Sleepy Hollows is the setting with the tree in it. The contrasting colors are the tree itself is really dark, and the trees around it are really dark as well, but the sky and the people in the scene are very lightly colored.

  1. Expressionist filmmaking also favors to develop an idea. How is the color used in Sweeny Todd and Sleepy Hollows?

In both Sweeny Todd and Sleepy Hollows have very monochromatic colors, but then red is the only color that is only really used is red representing blood which is very bright and vibrant.

  1. A feature of Gothic horror is the claustrophobic fear that there is no escape. Consider techniques fear that is presented in both films that develop this fear.

In Sleepy Hollows, the claustrophobic feature is shown through when he trying to solve the shown through when Johnny Deeps character is trying to solve the murders and he just keeps coming to dead ends.

In Sweeny Todd, the claustrophobic feature is shown through the fact he sees no other way to avenge his wife by murdering the ones who did her wrong.

  1. What is the “Hammer Horror” style? describe its defining features and explain what influences you can see in the two films

I couldn’t answer this question because I don’t know what Hammer Horror is

  1. The red blood is a distant feature of both films what is its purpose?

The purpose of the color red in both films is to show blood and the brutality of what the characters are doing or what is happening.

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