Speaking Transcript

This transcript is of myself and my family having an ordinary conversation and the dinner table, about numerous subjects. Everything in bold is the insignificant words.

Me- I can not taste the difference between cola and pepsi

Step Sister – There’s so much difference

Me – Let me taste…. mm there is a bit of difference but not much

Dad- It was a bid deal in the 80’s

Me- What? … What was the difference between pepsi and cola

Step Sister – There is a massive difference

Dad- There was a thing called the pepsi challenge

Me – What was the pepsi challenge

Dad- They would blindfold ya and ya would have to try and find the difference between all if the different cola

Step Sister- I’d be able tell the difference. Did ya know there is cinnamon coke now

Me- Did you know there is chilli and lime L&P

Stepmom- Is there

Me- Yes

Stepmom- Don’t think I’d like that

Step Sister- Who’s doing dishes tonight

Me- Me

Dad- Not me

Step Sister- Not me, I did them last night

Me- I did them all today. I put all your dishes in the dishwasher, i cleaned up after our pancakes

Stepsister- Mk I’ll help you. No but I did them last night, when you just chilled with your friend so ya

Dad-  Next time you have a friend over you can just chill

Step Sister- Mk

Dad- Did you not help at all last night

Me- When I got back from my walk

Dad- I can not remember. Well she is claiming you did nothing last night

Me- No because when i got back from the walk the dishes were already done

Dad- Oh

Stepmom- It’s different when a friend is over

Dad- I have a sleepover with my best friend every night, I shouldn’t have to to the dishes

Step Sister- My best friend is coming next month, nah just kidding he’s not my best friend, mm but I’m excited to see him

Dad- Well grils dishes






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