As we are growing up, we are influenced by everything and everyone around us. From experiences we face, to the actions we take, we are shaped to become the people we are now, today.  This is what Sweeney Todd did, he took his personal experience – losing his wife – and learnt from that experience; what did he learn from it?, that the world is a cruel place?, that just because someone has a higher ranking?, lots of money, that, it means they can do what they want? 

Sweeney Todd. Sweeney Todd had his whole life taken away from him, he got his wife and child taken away from him, and then was imprisoned and shipped off to Australia, by false accusation, by another mans aka Judge Turpin. After 15 years, Todd had to make his way all the way back from Australia to England. Thinking his wife and child were waiting for him at home, only to find out that, his wife “committed suicide” after being raped by the Judge Turpin, who also took Mr. Todd’s daughter captive in a room. Out of revenge and spite he became a bit of a serial killer, by slitting the throats, of whom ever dared to walk in for a shave. 

Ichabod Crane’s experience was that when he was a child,  his father killed his mother for being a witch, and was then o raised by his father. When we see him a young man in the film we see him being an accomplished young man, who is quite involved in with solving the secrets of the human body, and trying to explain why his mother got killed. After going to Sleepy Hollows and going through the whole Headless Horsemen dilemma, and the experience bring up memories of his mother and his mothers death. He finally solves why his mother got killed by his father, and he feels a lot better about hi past trauma. 

So why did these two men end up following such different paths? Why didn’t Crane become a mass murder when he was older? Why didn’t Todd be more like Crane and be more sad rather than angry about the situation? There are couple of reasons, one main reason would be their age. When the trauma happened to Todd, he was a fulling grown adult, he had already had a really good life and had gotten that good life taken away from him, and he also understood what happened, unlike Crane. Crane went through his major trauma when he was a child, he didn’t understand why his mother got killed, so therefore, just felt sad and confused. But then he starts to take a lot of  interest in science and then in the law to clear his childhood confusion of his mother. 


  1. Hi Ayla,

    At the moment, I am struggling to see two different perspectives in your script. You have outlined what morals are on a personal and societal level but these are not “persepctives”.

    You need to look at an issue, idea or conflict from two very different angles and evaluate which angle you side with.

    We can discuss this in class on Monday.
    Mrs. P


  2. Ayla,

    When you are discussing Sweeney Todd and the development of his moral compass, you can make some more concrete observations about how this developed. He is a man that has been twisted by society and because of the flashbacks, we see how this has happened and how he has become the way he is.

    At the moment, the content within your paragraphs feels disjointed- one moment you are discussing Sweeney Todd and his moral compass and just as you are getting into this, you switch into emotions as the foundation of morals, then back into Todd. Look at how you can reorganise this.

    You are still lacking clear perspectives. My feedback on this, as outlined above, still stands. Looking into morals and how they develop are fine but two different perspectives would be to look at the formulation of morals in Western culture as opposed to Maori culture. From that point, you would then logically move towards discussing the need to find common ground or to cultivate tolerance. This is one of many avenues that you could go down but might help to clarify what I mean by “perspectives”.

    Please come and speak with me on Tuesday so we can work through this together.

    Mrs. P


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