Truth. Lie. What is a little bit fact a little bit of fiction and not a lot in the middle. But can telling the truth get you in a lot more trouble than the lie you told. According to a 2014 study at the University of Massachusetts, they found out that 60% of adults can’t go ten minutes without lying. But even that number makes it sound better than it really is; those people in the study lied actually told an average of 3 lies during their 5 minute conversation. So what does that mean? Why do we lie? Do we lie to get out of trouble? Do we lie to protect someone? Why do we constantly tell these little white lies?

Sometimes people lie to exaggerate what they are saying a motivation that might best explain by President Donald Trump’s false statement that his Inauguration crowd was bigger than President Barack Obama’s first one.

People also lie to cover up bad behavior, as American swimmer Ryan Lochte did during the 2016 Summer Olympics by claiming to have been robbed at gunpoint at a gas station when, in fact, he and his teammates, drunk after a party, had been confronted by armed security guards after damaging property. But the things with lies people ALWAYS find out the truth and usually get in more trouble than you did when you lied.

Who has ever lied to your parents about something? Did they find out you were lying? Did you get in even more trouble than you were in before? I been in that……..predicament. But the worst part is not when they’re mad at you, it’s when they say they’re ‘disappointed’. Do you find when your parents say they’re disappointed in you, you wish they were mad at you; you just feel so sad, but then you feel disappointed in yourself..

Do you know what happens when we lie? Our nose starts to grow like Pinocchio… Nah I’m joking, what happens is our heart rate speeds up, we get clammy hands, we start breathing faster, we get nervous, our eyes start to move quickly instead of looking at the person you are lying to and we start to talk faster than normal – that’s if your bad liar, and also everyone is different people will react differently when they lie.Did you know that in a class of 26, 15% of those people admitted having told a lie at school in a month, and that 59% of those people did not feel guilty?

So what do you think about lying, is it a good thing to do when you’re protecting someone or yourself, or is best to tell them the truth, even if it cost you. What will you choose. Truth. Lie. What is it a little bit of fact a little bit of fiction and not a lot in the middle.

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  1. This is a really nicely constructed piece in terms of both language and logic. I wonder if you might want to explore situations where people lie for positive reasons. Or when people tell the truth to do harm. It might be a nice paradox to explore to extend the argument further.



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