Sweeney Todd Analysis

  • All dark and mysterious settings
  • Not really any other colors than Singora Parelli’s clothes that he is wearing.
  • When Singora Parelli’s sharpening his shaving blade you can tell he enjoys hurting the little boy (Jack).
  • The purple that Singora Parelli is wearing is associated with trickery and magic.
  • Todd has some sort of supernatural ability with shaving faces.
  • when Tod is shaving in the competition we see that he takes his time and is very careful, but at the end of the film and when he kills Parelli we see a repulsive and insane side of Todd
  • When Todd is offering to shave the judge’s 2IC, Todd foreshadows his feelings by the way he offers.
  • Joanna’s windows are blurry indicating that her perspective of the world is very limited
  • The smashed mirror shows how Todd is ‘broken’ and how his past is broken
  • The flowers that Mrs. Lovett sings about shows symbolism because to Mr. Todd to him it represents and happy life therefore when Mrs. Lovett suggests getting flowers it tells him that she wants to start a life together.
  • The silver razors that Mr. Todd has represents justice
  • The ‘evil’ music that is layered over the scene when Singora Parelli comes to the barber shop is foreshadowing intensity.
  • The kettle on the boiler also helps the audience to see a metaphor – the temper of Mr. Todd when he boils over – when Mr. Todd kills Singora Parelli
  • When he kills Singora Parelli it makes him look insane
  • Dramatic irony- when Jack sits on the chest which Singora Parelli is in because he can’t see the hand sticking out but we can see it.
  •  When Todd twitches his lip he’s trying not to lose his temper.
  • When the judge convicts the little boy we get a repulsiveness towards the Judge.

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