The Introduction to Frankenstein

Shelley says about the novel’s origin that it sounds like that some of her characters came from actual people in her life e.g. “… Mary Shelley have somehow managed to praise her work only be presenting her talent as a fortuitous refraction of the ‘genius’ possessed by her then virtually unknown love-partner and companion, Percy Shelley. We shall see later that in more ways than one, there is indeed much of Percy Shelley ‘in’ Frankenstein.“, but they also say it just came from her “intuitive genius”. This is saying a young girls of her age at their time should not have these thoughts and Shelley disagreed with them.

The things that parallel that can be drawn between the ‘birth’ of the monster in the novel and the ‘birth’ of the novel itself, you can connect these two things by that when the novel was published Shelley got a lot of negative comments on the book, and when Frankenstein’s monster was created it the monster got a lot of bad comments from Frankenstein himself. They both are out of the ordinary, Frankenstein Brough a ‘being back from the dead, and back when Shelley wrote this book, it was not normal for women of her age to have these thoughts, so they both broke the barriers in the way that society should see them. 

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