Transcripts Evidence

  • See how in my spoken transcript my dad says instead of saying ‘come on girls’ he says ‘come on grils’ he has that word that we know him by.
  • See how in my spoken transcript again how my step sister says ‘Mk’ instead of just ‘K’ she uses that word that i know her by
  • If you read through my entire transcript you’ll find that my dad and I mostly speak in standard English; but when you read through my text transcript my English, my grammar completely changes. When I’m on the phone with my other family from overseas you ear that I pick up their accents, I start to sound and saying the same sayings as them. That’s my habit I will pick up accents depending who I’m talking to, and that what my family knows me by, changing the way i say things, and it is also the same for my mum, she picks up different accents.
  • If you read just what my stepsister is saying in my spoken transcript she shortens her speech like when she says ‘Mk’ instead of ‘Ok’, ‘Imma’ instead of ‘I’m’ or ‘I am’ and ‘ya know’  instead of ‘you know’. She says all of these different words or abbreviations, and that’s what we remember her by, not saying full words.

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